The H.O.W. Center, Inc.


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Beaumont, Texas  77703-5323
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 How Becoming  Resident Works
A non-profit institution, the H.O.W. Center was established in January of 1992 and operates according to the three basic principles that comprise its name:
Honesty *  Open-mindedness *  Willingness  
Philosophy:  Chemical dependency is best overcome through an acceptance of responsibility.  The H.O.W. Center is operated on a democratic basis, residents become able to accept the authority of their peer group, thus relearning responsibility and making sober decisions.
Purpose:  The H.O.W. Center provides a safe place for a man recovering from alcohol or drug abuse.  Following successful completion of a treatment program or life-changing crisis, some recovering persons have no supportive place in which to live during the transition from a hopeless existence to a normal, productive life. We offer them a low-cost, drug-free, supportive environment during this crucial time in their lives.
Who Can Be Admitted?  Males 18 years of age or older who are recovering from a chemical addiction, and have no place to live or not a place where they have a supportive environment of continuing recovery.  The prospective resident must be independent with eating and hygiene and cannot have any violent offenses on their record (robbery, aggravated cases, assault causing bodily injury, arson, murder, manslaughter, or any sex-related crimes).
Facilities and Meals:  The H.O.W. Center provides a shared room for each resident and three meals a day.  In addition to food and lodging, each resident upon acceptance acquires a home address and telephone number for job searches.  We provide washers, dryers, and laundry detergent. Residents have access to television, reading material, an exercise room and a variety of recreational activities.
Duration of Stay:  The standard length of occupancy of a resident is one year, however, every circumstance is handled individually which result in a shorter or longer stay by review and approval.

Fees:  Currently fees are $130.00 per week for room and 3 meals.

Residency Application